Joint presentation at JEC World in Paris

The picture shows the presentation at the Saxony stand for the last event in 2019.The presentation at the Saxony stand for the last event in 2019

At JEC WORLD from 3 to 5 May 2022 in Paris, the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), the Cetex Institut gGmbH (Cetex) and the Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) will present the latest developments in the field of fibre-reinforced materials for mobility, sports and leisure as part of the Alliance of Textile Lightweighting (ATL).

STFI: Recycling and sustainability of lightweight materials

The focus of the trade fair appearance of the Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (STFI) will focus on current developments dedicated to the recycling and sustainability of lightweight materials. The use of recycled high-performance fibres will be made tangible with various application examples from the areas of sports and leisure as well as mobility. Developments from the field of renewable raw materials in combination with bio-based resin systems also offer forward-looking alternatives. The trade fair team is looking forward to presenting the latest possibilities for the continuous production of organic sheets to interested parties and to developing ideas together with you.

Cetex: ARWeS Automatic Roving Change and HYROV Novel Hybrid Rovings

The continuous and large-scale production of continuous fibre-reinforced semi-finished products is of great importance for the use of fibre-plastic composite applications (FRP). The ARWeS roving exchange system enables the reproducible bonding of the reinforcing fibres to each other in fully automatic plant operation. An animation illustrates the basic principle and the advantages. The innovative system is suitable for all available reinforcement fibre systems (glass, basalt, carbon).

Using various material combinations and an animation of the system, Cetex will also present a novel process for the highly flexible, continuous and effective production of hybrid rovings. A cooperation agreement has been concluded between Cetex, The Filament Factory GmbH and thermoPre ENGINEERING GmbH for the development, production and marketing of these materials. This means that the end user can not only be supplied with the materials adapted to the application, but can also be offered the engineering for later component applications, including the prototyping of the FRP components.

Both projects were funded by the BMWi as part of the INNO-KOM programme.

CUT: Multifunctional Lightweight Construction

The Institute of Lightweight Structures at Chemnitz University of Technology will present its expertise in the development of multifunctional lightweight and other plastic components for the realisation of energy-efficient as well as economical and thus near-series production processes. These are used in particular in aircraft, automotive and mechanical engineering. The Chemnitz researchers are developing solutions along the entire process chain for functionalised extruded and injection moulded components. Based on the requirement profile, the components are designed and dimensioned to suit the process, material and load, and the tooling and process technology required for their production is developed. The portfolio is complemented by an extensive range of machinery and testing facilities for testing the developed technologies, tools and components.

Among other things, the scientists will be showing a child seat with a built-in ultra-light headrest, which is 26 percent lighter than a comparable standard seat. The headrest consists of an innovative organic sheet preform with a carrier plate, which is foamed over with foam beads made of thermoplastics in an energy-saving particle foam composite injection moulding process. This innovative development was created as part of a ZIM project funded by the BMWI in cooperation with the company Polycomb from Auengrund (Thuringia) and the Polish child seat manufacturer Avionaut Karwala.


We look forward to seeing you at the Saxon joint stand in Hall 5, Stand C 80!