The Alliance

Who we are

The Alliance of Textile Lightweighting is a network of university and non-university Chemnitz research institutes.

Our Vision

We want to strengthen the science and business location Chemnitz and develop it into a competence center for resource-efficient lightweight construction for mass production. The four strongest institutes from the area of ​​Chemnitz have joined forces to do research in this future-oriented field. Our focus is on the development of holistic process chains for the production of textile semi-finished products as well as textile-reinforced high-performance components.

We offer that to our customers

With our networked and bundled expertise and experience, we offer complete solutions for your research and development projects. This allows applications to be implemented in lightweight construction, which use our resources carefully and are cost-effective and fully competitive in production. Our holistic approach assures your success of tomorrow:

  • Modeling and simulation of FRP components and processes
  • Process and machine development
  • Design and implementation of textile-reinforced components in “multi-material design”
  • Development and prototyping of textile reinforcement structures and semi-finished products
  • Production of fiber composites
  • Testing of textile semi-finished products and fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Recycling and remanufacturing of textiles and composite components